Fishing Tackle & Techniques

Wet fly fishing is the main technique at Delphi.


Throughout the season the river can be fished, from both banks, with a single-handed rod ideally 10’ to 11 ’long and 7/8 weight. As we can often get extreme conditions with high water and strong winds, we recommend being additionally equipped with a small double handed rod, a 12’ to 13’ for 8/9 wt. Regarding lines, floating, sink tip and full sinking can all be used subject to conditions. Suitable flies would include anything from conventional size 14 salmon flies to 1.5” Waddingtons or Copper tubes and everything in between, including Rainbow lures and Beaded nymphs. Single flies are the norm but many people do fish droppers. Most common flies would be Collie Dog, Willie Gunn and Cascade.


Single handed 10’ to 11’ 7/8 wt will generally suffice for the lake. Again, we recommend using the same lines floating, sink tip and full sinking. A team of 2 or 3 flies would be the norm. Nylon or tippet material for river and lake would be 10 lbs to 15 lbs test. We do not favour any brand and by and large don’t use tapered leaders. Flies would be the same as recommended for the river, with a few bushy or bumbley trout flies thrown in for good measure.

Clothing & Footwear​

Waders are not necessary but most people now wear them on the river even though wading is prohibited. Therefore we advise that, if you have them and they don’t take up too much space, bring them. If you don’t have waders, wellington boots and good waterproofs are essential. In the event that you don’t wish to bring these with you, we will provide everything that’s required. Fleeces or good woollen jumpers are useful on the lakes as it is always much cooler on the water.


There is a great team of Ghillies (Guides) at Delphi with a vast depth of knowledge and experience. These are mandatory on Doolough, strongly recommended on Finlough and optional on the river. The river, being quite small, has very obvious pools and a useful Delphi fishing guidebook is available that explains each of the pools, but for the first-time visitors a guided tour or a ghillie is recommended. Fishing on the lakes is almost entirely from boats, with drift-fishing the principal technique. Lifejackets must be worn by law.

policy about catch & release or kill

All salmon killed must be gill-tagged with tags that are provided when you purchase your State licence & logbook, which are available here at Delphi. Logbooks must be completed and returned to Inland Fishery Ireland (IFI). Hatchery-origin salmon, which are recognisable by their clipped adipose fin, must be killed for research purposes and may be taken home or eaten by the captor. A smoking facility is sometimes available locally, depending on the length of your stay. Wild salmon and sea trout are fished on a catch-and-release basis.

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